Monday, December 31, 2012

Conservative of the Year: Ted Cruz

2012 was a tough year for conservatives.  There were few victories, and our nominal leaders, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, gave precious little to cheer for in defeat.  The biggest conservative victory was Scott Walker's defeat of the recall attempt in Wisconsin.  Human Events honored him for this this year, but this blog already did so last year.

The path to conservative victory all too often lies in defeating the Republican establishment.  Nowhere was this clearer than in Texas, where a very solid and very impressive Tea Party conservative, Ted Cruz, defeated the candidate of the Texas Republican establishment, David Dewhurst.

Cruz united the national conservative movement behind his candidacy.  He fended off the vile attacks from Dewhurst and won 57% in the runoff.  Conservatives should expect big things from Cruz.  He is this blog's conservative of the year.

Previous winners (including retroactive):
2011: Scott Walker
2010: Jim DeMint
2009: Glenn Beck
2008: Sarah Palin
2007: Ron Paul
2006: Jerome Corsi
2005: Tom Tancredo
2004: John O'Neill
2003: Roy Moore
2002: John Ashcroft
2001: George W. Bush
2000: William Rehnquist

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