Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upton on Immigration

Congressman Fred Upton was interviewed by Jay Morris on WKZO.

05/07/10 - Hour 2: Congressman Fred Upton spends most of the hour discussing the Gulf Oil Spill, energy policy, immigration and more - A new poll on what people think of Obama on Free Beer Friday

Around 25 minutes in, talk turned to immigration. Upton was asked what he thought about the Arizona immigration law. He never answered the question. He talks about securing the border for a couple minutes. Then he admitted (27:12) that

"I am for comprehensive immigration reform. We were moving a bill, when Republicans controlled the Congress, that was stopped. We have not seen such action take place by Speaker Pelosi"
'Comprehensive immigration reform' is the term that amnesty supporters use for allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country. The 2006 bill was stopped by Republicans in the House thanks to massive public outrage against amnesty.

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