Friday, May 07, 2010

Rejecting the Arena

The supporters of the downtown arena on the Kalamazoo County Commission refused to hold a vote on the issue because they know how massively unpopular it is.

Kalamazoo County Board rejects move by downtown arena opponents to force vote on the issue

Meanwhile, an educated view on the issue:

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the head of Western Michigan University’s economics department told commissioners that building an arena in downtown Kalamazoo wouldn’t spur economic development in the region.

He noted that the Kalamazoo Wings and Western Michigan University’s hockey and basketball teams already have venues in which to play and so a new event center would not bring new wealth into the community.
Another view:

Vice Chairwoman Buchholtz said she respected Kern’s opinion but argued the Kalamazoo event center is unique because it also involves housing and an educational partnership for a culinary school and urban gardens, she said.

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