Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hoekstra: Who, Me?

Congressman Pete Hoekstra was recently on Jay Morris to discuss Mike Cox's campaign ad alleging that Hoekstra is a big spender.

05/12/10 - Hour 2: US Rep and gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra - Do negative campaign ads work? - The 30th anniversary of the Kalamazoo Tornado - MS Office - FREE?

Hoekstra's defense was basically this.

1. Big spender? Who, me?

2. Ok, technically I did vote for the Bridge to Nowhere.

3. But that was merely one small provision in a much, much bigger highway spending bill.

4. Which I voted for.

5. But I sleep on my couch.

Hoekstra never got around to vote for the TARP bailout, which he voted for.

Hoekstra on the Bailout

He also didn't mention voting for the Medicare Part D prescription drug bill, which added a present value cost of 17 trillion dollars to the off-books national debt.


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