Saturday, May 01, 2010

No Arena, for Now

The plan to soak the taxpayers to build an arena that a few politically connected businessmen would benefit from has been mothballed, at least for now.

Kalamazoo County puts event center idea on hold

It would seem that the plan didn't have the support of a majority of county commissioners needed to put it on the ballot in August. November appears to be out as well. Why? Because the voters aren't buying it.

“There’s not enough votes to be able to vote on it right now to put it on the ballot,” said Buskirk, D-Kalamazoo. “Right now, the board feels there’s no way that the public would approve it, so why even vote right now?
Even Ken Miller admits that there would have to be a months-long propaganda campaign to convince the voters to approve this turkey.

“In fairness to the general public, there needs to be a significant amount of educational campaigning done,” Miller said. “That takes time.”

He estimated such an effort would need at least six to nine months.
Eat your heart out, Miller.

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