Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama Picks Kalamazoo

President Obama picked Kalamazoo Central for his high school commencement speech. Gazette reporter Julie Mack speculated that "Picking a winner, which the president is expected to do by Tuesday, is likely to boil down to what kind of message Obama wants to send about education reform." Thus it is no surprise that he picked a traditional public school over a charter school and a Montessori school.

The late Western Michigan University President Diether Haenicke has stated privately that many graduates of Kalamazoo Central are functionally illiterate.

State senate candidates Lorence Wenke and Larry DeShazor both sent emails congratulating Kalamazoo Central, while Tonya Schuitmaker did not.

Central's graduation was originally going to be held in Wings Stadium, but officials are now looking for a bigger venue.

Why didn't we build a downtown arena???

My advice: make sure to find a venue big enough to accommodate everyone who wants to come. Somewhere like VanAndel Arena, Ford Field, or Cominski Field.

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