Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stand With Arizona

Recently the Arizona legislature courageously passed a law imposing common-sense measures to combat illegal immigration in Arizona. The bill was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer.

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The bill is so common-sense that it is hard to see how anyone can oppose it. It allows police to ask for identification when there is cause to believe that someone who has already been stopped is here illegally. It also stops the 'Sanctuary cities' which forbid police from cooperating with federal immigration officials. The law largely mirrors longstanding federal law, with the difference that it is more likely to be enforced.

The law was immediately dubbed 'controversial' by the liberal media. A better descriptor would be 'overwhelmingly popular'. A recent poll found that the bill is supported by an astounding 70% of Arizona voters, including 84% of Republicans, 69% of independents, and even 51% of democrats (versus just 43% opposed). The law is so popular that even amnesty-lover John McCain endorsed it.

How often did the media dub Obamacare 'controversial'? Would they have done so if it had 70% support instead of 40%?

Naturally, liberals did what they always do when their position is totally indefensible to normal Americans. They launched a massive smear campaign. They accused the bill of instituting 'racial profiling' and anyone supporting the bill of being RACIST RACIST RACIST!!! But the bill has absolutely nothing to do with race. Illegal aliens come in all races. Furthermore, the bill specifically bans 'racial profiling', as do existing state and federal laws.

The other big lie promoted by the left is that the bill will create a Nazi-like police state where cops will demand 'Your Papers, Please!' to any and everyone. This is so slanderous as to defy belief. The bill does not give police any power to stop people that they don't already have. As with any crime, police need a reasonable suspicion before they can stop someone. Moreover, have the people so worked up about Your Papers never heard of drivers licences? Police demand those papers of everyone they pull over.

The real haters in this debate are on the left. Calling someone a Nazi is the worst thing that you can say about him (even worse than RACIST!). Calling Arizona, and by extension America Nazis for enforcing existing immigration laws is an expression of hatred for America. Leftists want to destroy America by overwhelming us with a flood of illegals and are enraged that anyone would stand in their way.

The real racists in this debate are the Hispanic groups that are attacking Arizona and America. The biggest is La Raza, aka The Race, which incredibly was founded by a Nazi sympathizer. They held protests/riots on Mayday and before, committing acts of violence and vandalism that would have been national news if done by Tea Party members.

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Despite the campaign of lies, Americans who have heard of the law still support it 51% to 39%.

Americans must stand with Arizona and work to pass similar laws in other states and nationwide.

Cutting through the lies should make them aware that yes, liberals do hate America.

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