Friday, June 23, 2006

Secret slush fund

Apparently the Democrats are maneuvering to avoid campaign finance laws.

This information on their "secret slush fund" comes from the Detroit Free Press:

"Meanwhile, the Democratic Governors Association has poured $750,000 into Partners for Progress, a fund run by the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party that is expected to help Granholm's campaign.

The fund is not required by law to reveal its donors or how it spends money. Republicans complain that Partners for Progress amounts to a large, secret slush fund for Granholm."



Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous. There are too many campaign finance laws for that to even be possible. I say good for Granholm that she is raising money. She has done a great job over the past 4 years and will get re-elected on her good merit. DeVos, and his absurd amount of wealth is not going to buy him this election. I am certain granholm will pull through and beat DeVos, without this secret stash of money you speak of.

Anonymous said...

what did granholm do that was good? (this is a serious question - i'd like to hear someone bring up something good that she's done in the last four years, since I don't know about anything that she did that was good)

Anonymous said...

Granholm has done several good things for the state of Michigan. When she was given the role 4 years ago she wasnt left with much to work with but she has done several good things. She is fighting to keep and create jobs in michigan so she came out with an extensive job plan. She has dedicated effort to protect and educate kids as well. Her accomplishments page on her site goes into further explanation. Hope this helps.