Saturday, June 17, 2006

On campus

Here's some news of what's happening around Western. Several of these stories are from the Western Herald, which does not appear to be online over the summer.

1. Western modified its nondiscrimination policy to include "transgendered" people. WMU now protects "people who wear clothes not normally associated with their gender," i. e. crossdressers. This was approved by the Board of Trustees. WMU is the only school in Michigan to have such a policy. No word on whether Western will be changing its nondiscrimination policy to protect conservatives.

2. Following the resignation of Linda Delene, Western is searching for a new Provost. In the mean time, they have hired the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services to fill the position for one year. The article that I read about her didn't contain any red flags, other than the fact that she was hired by Judy Bailey.

3. The reason that Delene resigned was the outrage over the graduate program cuts. Initially, Delene had announced that all decisions were final. Under pressure, Western is now allowing an appeals process. The changes that were announced seems particularly arbitrary, with no underlying rationale. Many programs were cut without warning, while a few would be created without any consultation with the relevant departments. My plans to get a masters degree in "ethnohistory" may have to wait.

4. Construction continues to proceed on West Michigan between Howard and Drake. The road has been down to two lanes since the end of "spring" semester as the north side of the road has been torn up. Most of the curbs and sidewalks are in on that side and paving has begun. Presumably, traffic will soon be shifted to that side while the other side is dug up.

5. Western is discussing more changes to campus. Several contractors have presented ideas. One proposal would tear up the Miller Plaza and get rid of the fountain.


Anonymous said...

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me the name of the area between Knauss, Dunbar and Friedman..

Anonymous said...

the ampitheater?

Anonymous said...

Nah, its got a name. The constuction company posted a sign that has the proper name for the area...

Conservative First said...

Orpheus Court