Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Granholm is going down

The latest polling in the gubernatorial race shows that DeVos leads by 8 percentage points. The poll shows 48% for DeVos and 40% for Granholm.

Interestingly, there is no difference in the results between union and non-union households.

DeVos has spent a lot on ads, but he hasn't even gone negative yet. All he has done is publicize the obvious fact that Michigan's economy isn't doing very well. There's a lot more that he can unleash on Granholm.

Come November, Granholm is going down.


A.J. said...

DeVos has even admitted that this far out, those kinds of polls showing such an excessive lead has no reall value. However, it is exciting to see that people know his name and are finally realizing that the president is not the one to blame for one state's financial woes. Hopefully he can carry this into the election and bring about some real, positive change.

Anonymous said...

I'm a staff member of the DeVos campaign, and I'd like to make a comment in regards to his campaigns so far by simply stating that DeVos has stated privately that he will not be attacking Granholm personally at any point during his campaign. He believes that her job record and his ability to lead our state in the future is enough to prove to voters that he is the right person for this job, and I commend him for taking the high road.