Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Michigan politics

1. The MCRI faces a tough fight between now and November. A new poll shows the state divided over the measure.

Meanwhile, the K-16 initiative has a lead, at least for now. Hopefully its opponents will come down on it like a ton of bricks and kill it.

2. Dawson Bell provides a summary of the fight over cable TV in Michigan. Jack Hoogendyk has sponsored a bill to promote cable choice.

3. Jerry Zandstra has dropped out of the Senate race. Republicans will choose between Michael Bouchard and Keith Butler in August.

4. The State Senate passed a bill that would protect that confidentiality of concealed weapon permit holders. The vote was 32-5.

5. Former New Jersey governor Christy Whitman spoke in Michigan recently. This article provides the details of her speech.

I haven't read her book or heard her speech, so I can't comment on it. Instead, you can read a review of her book by this politically-involved Republican woman.

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Allan doesn't have a comment on Christie Todd Whitman's visit to Kalamazoo. Since when does Allan actually read anything before attacking? But I see he gives a link to his idol. Ann Coulter isn't even in the same league with CTW. It's hard to believe the brainwashing that has occured on this campus with regard to Coulter. She is the Republican Party's Michael Moore and nothing more (no pun intended).