Friday, June 30, 2006

Right to Life endorses

Right to Life of Michigan has made its endorsements for the August 8 primary elections. (They don't seem to be online.)

RTL endorsed Dick DeVos for Governor and declared that both Butler and Bouchard meet their criteria. They endorsed seven of nine Republican congressmen (all but Upton and Schwarz). They endorsed two of six Democratic congressmen (Stupak and Kildee). They endorsed Tim Walberg over Joe Schwarz in the 7th district. Schwarz claims to be pro-life, but his record says otherwise.

For the State Senate, all but one Republican who has any chance of winning got the RTL endorsement. (The exception was Senator Laura Toy.) Pro-lifers are so dominant in the Republican party that the Democratic primaries are more interesting. There are several pro-life Democrats running for state senate endorsed by RTL. Incumbents endorsed are Ray Basham (8), Dennis Olshove (9), and Jim Barcia (31). Primary competitors endorsed include Triette Reeves (5) and John Gleason (27).

For the State House, there are many races in which RTL simply says that all the Republican candidates meet their criteria. There are also a number of races in which one candidate was endorsed. I believe that RTL's rules require them to endorse when there is a pro-abortion candidate in the race.

I don't know enough about most of the races to know whether there is any danger of losing any of these seats to a pro-abortion candidate. At present, I believe there is only one pro-abortion Republican in the state House. John Stewart (20) is term-limited. His pro-abortion wife is running to replace him. RTL has endorsed Mark Abbo for the seat.

There are also a number of endorsements in Democratic primaries. Interestingly, several of them are in Detroit seats. It will be interesting to see what happens in these heavily Democratic seats with many candidates running.

Locally, RTL (of course) endorsed Jack Hoogendyk over his challenger. RTL also declared that Pam Lightvoet and John Conlon meet their criteria for the 9th Circuit Court. They endorsed five of the ten current Republican county commissioners. They endorsed Republican challengers Tom Barrett and Rob Bricker. They also endorsed Democrat Michael Quinn over Republican Thomas Drabik in district 10.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is "Pro-Abortion!" Whether one believes it should be illegal is a moot issue, it is legal.

Schwarz has the same position as Bush, Engler and the majority of the GOP. He is Pro-Life with a few rare, very rare exceptions.

No one wants to see more abortions, but it's not a decision that should be made by middle-aged men.

Conservative First said...

Only people who are pro-abortion say that nobody is pro-abortion. The term "pro-abortion" has an established meaning. It means that you support the existence of abortion, that is, you want it to be legal.

People who are against abortion use the term "pro-abortion." People who are for legal abortion use the term "pro-choice." I wonder if anyone would decribe someone who wants slavery to be legal as "pro-choice."

Among the people who support abortion is Planned Parenthood, which performs the most abortions of amy organization in America. In 2004, they donated $10,000 to Joe Schwarz, and he accepted it.

"Whether one believes it should be illegal is a moot issue, it is legal." This makes absolutely no sense. It is legal until it is made it illegal. Once upon a time, one could have said the same thing about slavery. Then it was made illegal.

If Joe Schwarz has the same position as Bush and Engler, then why is it that Right to Life endorsed them and not Schwarz?

If the decision shouldn't be made by men, then how about we let only women make it? Many polls have consistently shown that women are more pro-life than men. If women could decide the issue, abortion would already be illegal.