Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: The Year at Western

What happened at Western Michigan University in 2009?

In January, the Gazette profiled a perpetual student at Western. In February, a lawyer gave students at the WSA advice on dealing with the police. The WSA presidential election heated up, while President Dunn discussed creating a medical school and Ken Miller was appointed to another term as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Former Western President Diether Haenicke wrote a column discussing Bill Ayers' influence in higher education. Attorney General Mike Cox spoke at Kalamazoo College. This blog posted an article on the value of college. A leftist named Willie wrote a smug letter to the Herald.

On February 15, 2009 former President of Western Michigan University Diether Haenicke died. WMU News posted a good summary of his career. This blog posted two roundups of articles on Haenicke. This blog posted a tribute to Doctor Haeknicke, a friend of the WMU College Republicans , discussing some of the wise decisions he made over the years. The video of the Haenicke memorial service is available.

In March, two self-described former terrorists spoke at Western. The media reported on the event. Some students campaigned to ban the 'R' word (retarded). Ed Rivet spoke to Students for Life on America First Day.

In April, a free-market economist spoke at Western. SSE hosted a libertarian-leaning speaker at Western. Feminists spread more lies at their Take back the Night event. A Western professor was Rethinking Marxism.

The WSA had a contested Presidential election, which made it look even more ridiculous than usual. The election was stolen, whether by malice or incompetence. The results were later overturned. The result hinged on a misunderstanding of the definition of the word 'majority'.

Over the summer, this blog posted a number of articles questioning the structure of college. Room and board rates increased. Western spent money building columns. The Herald announced that it was cutting its publishing to twice a week. The police caught a stupid criminal at Western. Michigan State University allowed concealed weapons on campus. Western's part-time instructors voted to unionize. The Board of Trustees hiked tuition by 5.7% and voted to expand the business park into the Colony Farm Orchard. The Gazette profiled a WMU student who escaped Muslims in Sudan. The electronic door locks malfunctioned. Western's sculptures were 'recognized'. The Colony Farm plan advanced in the legislature. The EcoMug program was revived.

Local elites, including Ken Miller, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, began discussing plans to build a new arena in downtown Kalamazoo , and possibly move WMU Basketball and Hockey games there. The Gazette published several articles casting further doubt on the viability of the arena proposal. Still more information on the arena plan surfaced.

As the new academic year began, Western thought about security. Western remembered 9/11. Enrollment declined. President Dunn discussed creating a medical school at Western. Western ramped up measures to deal with swine flu. Peter Wielhouwer spoke on Christianity and politics. Rebecca Kiesling spoke to Students for Life about being conceived by rape.

In November, Governor Granholm visited Western to promote raising taxes. Western opened a center funded by communist China. The Arcus Foundation funded a center at Kalamazoo College. KVCC moved to create a police force. A Herald editorial raised questions about the Confucius Center. Former WSA President Chris Praedel announced he was running for state house.

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