Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haenicke on Ayers

Ayers' ties to higher education are more troubling than ties to Obama

See also: Faculty for Ayers

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Matt said...

Yea, Bill Ayers: how could he still be roaming around our college campuses freely? If he’d of killed thousands of innocent civilians there would be book deals and the Nobel Peace Prizes. Kissinger knew what he was doing when he:

* Ordered the U.S. military to conduct illegal air raids in Cambodia in 1969, and to misreport the targets as Vietnamese.

* Convinced Nixon to order the 1972 "Christmas bombing" of Hanoi, which killed thousands of North Vietnamese civilians, as a political sop to weakened South Vietnam President Nguyen van Thieu.

* Got Ford to okay arms sales to Indonesian President Suharto in 1975, knowing they would be used, illegally, in the slaughter of rebels and civilians in East Timor.

* Ordered the CIA to instigate a coup of the democratically elected left-wing Chilean government of Salvador Allende, clearing the way for the murderous right-wing dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.