Sunday, December 27, 2009

Praedel for State Rep?

Former WSA President Chris Praedel is running for the 60th district state house seat.

Recent graduate seeks state House seat: Education, jobs are priorities for Democrat Chris Praedel

His opponent will be former city commissioner Sean McCann, who appears to have locked up support from local democratic leaders.

Since graduation, Praedel has been teaching in Chicago.

Preadel's tenure in the WSA was controversial. His closest political ally, the WSA speaker, was unanimously convicted by the WSA Judicial Council of violating the WSA Constitution, which ironically was written by Sean McCann. He was responsible for pushing through a 75% tax increase in the Student Assessment Fee. He entered WSA running the 'Spirit Committee', whose purpose seemed primarily to be giving away lots of stuff people didn't much want. He also associated the WSA with a radical leftist organization.

Here are some articles concerning Praedel's time in office.
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WSA affiliates with SAM & USSA, a "left-wing radical outlet"

Still, Preadel is probably better than McCann.

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