Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WSA Update

It turns out that one of the major arguments for increasing the Student Assessment Fee (SAF) is untrue. See these comments on the Western Herald article on the subject. The current proposal is for a 75% tax increase, from $12 to $21.
Mark Gostomski
posted 3/04/08 @ 11:33 PM EST
Hate to tell you but you need to check your facts. The last SAF increase was in 1998-1999 school year when Corey Watt was WSA president. The SAF increased from $9 - $12 and it was a very bloody battle to get it approved. I can not even imagine trying to get a $9 increase when I know what it took to get a $3 increase.

David Worthams
posted 3/05/08 @ 8:16 AM EST
I wanted to second the remarks of my old friend Mark Gostomski, as I was the AC (formerly SBAC chair) at the time of the last increased, and frankly really chaired the movement to make the increase in teh SAF in '98-99.

While I think the WSA has done a wise thing in essence, capping the amount of SAF dollars that go to the club teams (i.e. Stallions Hockey, Mustangs Hockey, etc), calling for a $9 increase in the "Student Activity tax" will be a very big challenge. Remember, it's not your money ... it's the student's money that you're asking for!

Sincerely, David Worthams
1994 President 1998 Chairperson Western Student Association
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