Saturday, March 22, 2008


This update focuses on education. A California court has ruled that home schooling is illegal. Feminism persists on college campuses. College professors are overwhelmingly liberal.

Gary Bauer: Home-Schooling: A Criminal Offense?
Steven Greenhut: A Real Threat to California Home-Schoolers
Bob Unruh: Parents of 166,000 students could face criminal charges
Bob Unruh: Judge orders homeschoolers into government education

Christina Hoff Sommers: Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?
Heather MacDonald: The Campus Rape Myth
Phyllis Schlafly: College Not Necessary for Many New Careers
Education Reporter: Study Examines Professors' Political and Social Views

"Predictably, humanities and social sciences professors were most likely to lean left. 17.6% of social sciences professors declared a Marxist political identity. Marxism also claimed 5% support in the humanities, and negligible support in other disciplines."

Learn more about education issues in Education Reporter.

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