Saturday, March 01, 2008

POLITICAL UPDATE--News from Abroad

This update focuses on news from abroad. Kosovo's independence is a victory for Islamic extremists. America continues to face problems with Islam in Iraq, Europe, and elsewhere. Cuba remains controlled by communist murderers.

Robert Maginnis: Kosovo's Troubled Independence
Pat Buchanan: Will Bush’s Recognition Of Kosovo Spur Renewed Balkanization?
Walid Phares: Hezbollah's Billion Petrodollars
Jed Babbin: Islam vs. Free Speech
Robert Maginnis: US-Iraq Challenges in 2008
Robert Spencer: Stand By Steyn
Pat Buchanan: Democracy vs. Security

Walter Williams: Africa: A Tragic Continent
Humberto Fontova: What's Next for Cuba? Raul
Susan Easton: The EU's Treaty Treachery
John McManus: Ian Smith and the Fall of Rhodesia

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