Saturday, November 21, 2009

Granholm at WMU

Governor Granholm spoke at Western on Thursday, arguing that the state legislature should raise taxes to fund the Michigan Promise scholarship program.

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Gov. Granholm speaks about Michigan Promise at WMU
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Actually, the articles above don't make it clear whether she mentioned raising taxes. But that's what it would take to bring back the scholarship. After many months of putting off passing a budget, and a month-long extension when they couldn't pass one on time, Granholm finally signed a budget that doesn't raise taxes.

Now, she wants to bring the scholarship back, so that all her liberal supporters in academia will be fully employed, er, for the children.

The scholarship was inspired by the Kalamazoo Promise, which whether or not it is effective, is privately funded. This program was not only funded by taxpayers, but discriminates against Christians school students and homeschoolers, who are not eligible.

One of the arguments that Granholm made was that 'this scholarship was a promise' and 'the legislature needs to keep that promise' (paraphrase). Gullible college students should learn the sooner the better that politicians break promises. Worse, they make promises that they know they can't keep. In particular, they promise benefits they can't pay for, and let later politicians worry about how to pay for them.

Everyone likes getting free money, but if the state raises taxes again, where are college graduates going to get jobs? Not in Michigan, that's for sure. We'll just be educating the future workers of Florida and Texas.

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