Monday, November 02, 2009

Gazette Endorsements

The Gazette is out with its endorsements in local races.

Editorial: Kalamazoo should stand for equality
Editorial: Recommendations For Kalamazoo City Commission
Editorial: Recommendations For Portage City Council

To no one's surprise, the Gazette endorsed the discrimination ordinance.

For the city commission, it's no surprise that the Gazette endorsed incumbents Hopewell, McKinney, Cooney, Andersen, and Miller. I'm shocked that they endorsed ethically challenged, ACORN-employed, convicted embezzler and community organizer Stephanie Moore. They also endorsed ordinance opponent Nicholas Boyd, while praising recent college graduate Anna Schmitt.

In Portage, it's no surprise that they endorsed the incumbents, and mildly surprising that they endorsed Jim Pearson for the open seat.

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Matt said...

There goes that liberal media again, endorsing all those radical leftists, "to no one's surprise." Yesterday, while I was on my way to the People's Food Co-op to spit scream about the free-market outside on the publicly funded sidewalk, I saw that inside the Gazette editorial room they were watching "Triumph of the Will."