Sunday, November 15, 2009


This update focuses on health care. The House of Representatives passed a 2000-page bill to take over health care.

Thomas Sowell:
The "Costs" of Medical Care Part II Part III Part IV

Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice
Joe Wolverton: Healthcare Bill: Pay for a Plan or Go to Jail
Joe Wolverton: Obamacare and the Demise of Federalism
Jack Kenny: Constitutional Healthcare
Becky Akers: The Healthcare Bill's Sops to the Mental-health Industry
Washington Watcher: He Lies! Obamacare Does Cover Illegal Aliens. (And Legal Immigrants Too, Needless To Say)

See also: Sick in America with John Stossel


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Here is another link where I humiliate Chamber of Commerce twat Brad Peck (see comments section).