Sunday, November 22, 2009


This update focuses on the economy. Unemployment remains over 10% nationally and over 15% in Michigan. Government debt continues to expand, imperiling the dollar. The economy is not recovering, despite government claims to the contrary.

Gary North: Decide How (Not If) the Government Will Default
Charles Scaliger: The Diminishing Dollar
William Campenni: Financial Bust Connected to Illegal Alien Mortgages
Don Devine: Phony Economic Recovery
Charles Scaliger: A Review of "End the Fed" by Ron Paul
Lila Ravija: Green Shoots and White Lies

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1 comment:

theCL said...

Great job on the list!

As the only person in my family who didn't go to Western (Ferris), it's a pleasure to see they're teaching real economics there.

Unless, of course, you guys are teaching them economics.

Now if we can only get more conservatives to understand economics ... Keep up the great work!