Monday, February 19, 2007

Republicans Adopt Illegal Immigration Resolution

I received the following email concerning the immigration resolution passed at the state Republican convention. The text of the resolution and the list of sponsors are available here.


Dear Friends,

It is with much pride that I send you this press release and resolution that is now part of the Michigan Republican platform! Working on this has basically been my life for the last 3 weeks. The days were filled with constant phone calls and emails trying to build support for this resolution. Being that this is the first time I have done something like this, I was amazed with the amount of work involved!

From the beginning the odds were against us. The establishment in Lansing has been resisting this resolution since day one. A certain person who has long been in Michigan politics and happens to be working for and endorsing John McCain was actively working against this. It even got to the point where a consultant who is working for me was told that if she helped with the resolution, she would never work in Michigan again.

I would like give my sincere thanks to all who worked on and endorsed this – you had the courage and perseverance to stand up and fight for our country. I realize that this was very difficult to do – the entire party leadership was virtually fighting against us. It is a great person who has the courage to stand up, be innovative and buck the status quo. Those who do nothing and take the safe choice will be left behind and soon forgotten. I believe with all of my heart that this is why Ronald Reagan was so successful. People like this will be remembered and talked about for years.

It is my hope that the adoption of this resolution will start a chain reaction among the states. I was recently contacted by delegates in Wisconsin who will be attempting to do the same in their convention. With luck this will have an effect on the platforms of the Presidential candidates.

With the passage of the resolution and the backing of our party we can now proceed under strong momentum with plans for a ballot initiative in 2008. The initiative will be similar to the propositions that were passed in Arizona and have withstood the muster of the courts.


Thank you very much & Godspeed!

Yours truly,

Chris Chojnowski
6th Congressional District Committeeman
Executive Director, Michigan Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement (MI-FIRE)
Michigan Advisor, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

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"Grassroots movement overcomes the status quo leadership in Michigan”

Lansing, February 13— As the top Presidential contenders, Governor Mitt Romney and Senator Sam Brownback, addressed the state Republican Convention this past weekend, a large group within the Michigan Republican Party was working hard to promote the adoption of a much needed resolution on illegal immigration.

The group worked tirelessly throughout Friday night into Saturday morning, and when they thought the resolution was going to be pushed aside, they took to the microphones on the convention floor. One after another they stated their case and support. A voice vote was called for and overwhelmingly the crowd of thousands responded. A second vote was called and another resounding favorable vote was cast. Finally, a third vote was called for and it won and passed. The people had spoken!

Representative Jack Hoogendyk was quoted as saying, “The overwhelming response of support from the floor of the convention is testimony to how important this issue is to Republicans. I believe enforcement of the rule of law regarding illegal immigration will be a major campaign issue in 2008."

Representative Dave Agema was quoted as saying, “The whole aspect of illegal immigration is a threat to the American people. The five areas that are of the utmost concern when it comes to Illegal Immigration are: healthcare, education and welfare, our national security, jobs and criminal justice issues. The number of illegal aliens in the state of Michigan that have obtained illegal drivers licenses based on false documentation is in the thousands. This has to be stopped and I will be introducing legislation shortly to address this issue.”

Chris Chojnowski, Executive Director of the Michigan Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement (MI-FIRE) was extremely pleased with the response: “These delegates are a true representation of how the residents of Michigan feel about the topic of illegal immigration which is why we expect an overwhelming grassroots response when we take this issue to the people of the state as a ballot initiative in 2008.”

The Michigan Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement was founded by concerned citizens who believe in protecting our nation's borders and infrastructure, enforcing immigration laws and defeating any and all plans for amnesty of illegal aliens.

Chris Chojnowski, Executive Director, MI-FIRE

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