Saturday, February 10, 2007


This update focuses on poverty. Poverty is the norm throughout human history; prosperity is the result of specific attitudes and actions. Wealth is created; it is not handed down from the sky to be distributed. Liberals are ignorant of economics and seek to empower government. Their actions make poverty worse. Liberals are obsessed with "inequality," while conservatives promote prosperity for all.

Thomas Sowell writes that obsession with inequality empowers government, geography and culture determine poverty or prosperity, liberals exploit poverty for political gain, economic value is subjective, and liberals have no right to make economic decisions for others.
Thomas Sowell shows that conservatives give more to charity than liberals.
Thomas Sowell shows that Hollywood posturing hurts the poor.
Thomas Sowell writes that poverty is a result of self-destructive behavior.
Mac Johnson shreds the strange obsession with "inequality".

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Anonymous said...

Come on Allan. Conservatives want to defend the holdings of the privileged few even as greater income inequality continues to erode the social fabric on this country. You can lambaste liberals you want but you had better take a look at what you actually support through your policies. I assure you it is far from prosperity for "all."

Matthew said...

Free market capitalism is the most effective mechanism for eradicating poverty.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't mean conservatives in key GOP positions advocate that system nor that it is infact what one sees in this country.

Matthew said...

Unfortunately, I must agree. However, we can work for change.