Thursday, February 22, 2007

End Gun Registration

This bill needs to pass. From MCRGO:


MCRGO champions another breakthrough for gunowners!
A Great Start in the 2007 Legislative Year!

February 21, 2007

MCRGO has worked closely with Rep. Opsommer on both the language and timing of this initiative. Sen. Richardville is a member of MCRGO's Board of Directors AND that once introduced, this bill is expected to go to Chairman Sheltrown's committee for consideration --- another MCRGO Director!


February 20, 2007
CONTACT: Rep. Opsommer
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Rep. Opsommer to Introduce Ban on so-called "Safety Inspections"
Bipartisan effort will have support in both the House and Senate

State Rep. Paul Opsommer (R-93) announced today that he is putting the finishing touches on bills that will remove the need for so-called firearm "safety inspections". Long derided by firearm owners, these post-purchase "safety inspections" are a misnomer as no real inspection takes place and are nothing more than a bureaucratic hassle.

"When first time handgun purchasers take time off work to make the extra trip for their mandatory 'safety inspections', they are surprised when they find out that no real inspection takes place," said Opsommer. "The firearm is not test fired or mechanically inspected in any manner. I heard of one case where the inspector never actually touched the pistol, they just had the owner hold it up to the glass so they could see it. This unnecessary step is being forced onto legal gun-owners who have already gone through background checks and have purchased their firearms through proper channels."

The measure will have support in both chambers and with both parties. Rep. Joel Sheltrown (D-103) supports the measure, stating that "These appear to be nothing more than visual in most cases, and probably have no beneficial value to gun safety." Sen. Randy Richardville (R-17) will run with the legislation on the Senate side. "The Michigan Constitution is very clear on the rights of our citizens when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the only purpose this law serves is as a backdoor registration scheme," said [MCRGO Director] Senator Richardville.

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