Sunday, February 04, 2007

Around Michigan

Plenty of political news around Michigan:

Not surprisingly, Granholm's "bipartisan" panel has called for a tax increase.

A Michigan Court of Appeals has struck down same-sex benefits. Take that, Stryker!

Attorney General Mike Cox ruled that red light cameras can't be used to give tickets. Good for him.

The Schwarz/Walberg rivalry isn't over. The 7th district is likely to see more competitive races in the future. There have been dual FEC complaints filed over the 2006 election.

Portage Public Schools are seeking a monstrous $145,000,000 bond issue that will be on the ballot in February.

Enrollment at WMU is up 500 students this semester. I thought parking seemed more crowded.

The WMU College Republicans are best in the nation and both parties on campus are busy.

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