Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Preface

We have added a new preface to the WMU Faculty Hall of Shame. It should have been clear what we were criticizing from reading it, but apparently some people need everything spelled out. I blame our government education system. Here's the preface:

The Western Michigan University Faculty Hall of Shame is intended to inform WMU students and other interested persons of the misdeeds of faculty members at WMU. The criterion for membership is misuse of power over students for political purposes. This can include criminal acts, assaulting or harassing students, grading students based on political positions or activities, stifling dissenting viewpoints in class, or using class time or assignments for propagandizing for political positions rather than teaching the proper subjects of their courses. Being liberal is neither necessary nor sufficient for membership. Documentation or eyewitness testimony are required for induction.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This new preface was contradictory to the content (which was supposed to be so clear in its purpose). So now I see you've dropped someone from the 'Hall'; will you also announce this change on your blog?