Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sundry Politics

There's plenty going on in politics...

As if corruption scandals involving Alcee Hastings and William Jefferson weren't enough, Democratic Representative Jim McDermott has been cited for violating House ethics rules. Back in 1996, a couple of Democratic hacks illegally taped the conversation of several House GOP leaders and gave the tape to McDermott, who passed it on the New York Times. Will all the liberals concerned about illegal wiretapping demand McDermott's resignation?

A new study suggests that Dick DeVos might have won if he had endorsed the MCRI instead of opposed it. (Scroll 3/4 down.)

If Republican gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVOS had received the votes of the Republicans, ticket splitters and only 5 percent of the Democrats who voted yes on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) and for Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM, he would have won the 2006 election, a recent report concluded.
It's still a mystery why so many Republican leaders thought they had to oppose it.

The Ohio legislature has overridden Republican Governor Bob Taft's veto to pass a bill preempting local gun control and eliminating some of the absurd restrictions in the current concealed carry law. Better late than never, I guess. Still, if Republicans in Ohio had stood up to Taft a few years ago, they might not have suffered such a drubbing in November. Taft imposed several huge tax increases on Ohio, taking it from a low tax state to a high-tax state. He resisted concealed carry incessantly, opposed the state marriage amendment, and reneged on his pro-life position. He was also convicted of a crime while in office. The Taft case illustrates the danger of putting partisanship over principle.

Portage Government Schools are considering a massive $145,000,000 tax increase. Following the voter approval of tax increases for KRESA, KPS, a new juvenile home, and the local bus system, why wouldn't they? Will the voters ever say no to higher taxes? Another tax increase for a new county jail is on the horizon, by the way.

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