Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rogers' Campaign Wastes Taxpayers' Money

Jack Hoogendyk finally officially won Friday. The recount turned out much the same as the initial count. There was never any chance that the result would be overturned, but Julie Rogers managed to waste taxpayers money on an unnecessary exercise. On Thursday, we sent out the following press release.

Western Michigan University College Republicans

For immediate release

Rogers' campaign wastes taxpayers' money

Oshtemo- The 61st house district recount in Oshtemo yielded no significant change from the previously reported totals from November 7th. As of 4:45 PM, 33 of the 49 precincts had been hand counted, and a net change of only 7 votes was recorded after Representative Hoogendyk had a 474 votes on election night.

Western Michigan University College Republican Chairman Tom Barrett said “Julie Rogers continues to further waste our tax dollars on a recount that will not change the outcome of this election. The voters have spoken and they chose Jack Hoogendyk. Rogers should have more respect for the electoral process and concede. I hope that the voters of the 61st district remember her waste of their tax dollars if she asks for their vote in the future.”

Many poll watchers came from as far as Lansing to make sure a fair recount took place. Rogers has yet to concede the election, even based on the latest totals, and the recount is scheduled to resume on Friday morning at 8:30.



Matthew said...

My God she has the worst case of sour grapes I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

No more sour than Ann Coulter's shriveled prune of a personality.