Friday, December 01, 2006

POLITICAL UPDATE--North American Union

This update focuses on North American Union. This plan continues to be advanced by the governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A resolution has been proposed by Congressmen Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Walter Jones, and Virgil Goode to condemn the NAU. Texas Governor Rick Perry was reelected with 39% of the vote in a four-way race.

Phyllis Schlafly summarizes recent news about North American integration.
Jerome Corsi explains that the Trans-Texas Corridor is a major issue in Texas.
Jerome Corsi responds to Rick Perry's claims about the Trans-Texas Corridor.
Ron Paul explains how a continental highway system threatens our sovereignty.
WorldNetDaily reports on the congressional resolution against the NAU.
WND reports that secret documents about the NAU have been released.
WND reports on the contents of documents about the NAU.
WND reports that students are being trained to support the NAU.

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