Saturday, December 30, 2006

The best of The Western Right

This blog has been very active this year, covering many topics. We had 415 posts this year, 300 by yours truly. Here are a few of my favorite posts of 2006.

Imposing a Revolution?
Schwarz on Abortion
The Wrath of KHAN
Why The Culture War Matters
Everyone DOESN'T want freedom
Scalping the Pioneers
Illegal Immigrants are Criminals
Evaluating Bailey
Liberals Want You Dead
Gouging by Government
Socialism Threatens Civil Liberties
Godless: A Review
WMU College Republicans oppose K-16 Initiative
Gazette Attacks Jack
The Great Deception
Liberals Versus Mathematics
By Any Means Necessary
Why Republicans Lost
The Real Pinochet

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Anonymous said...

Wow Allan. I noticed that these are all your posts. So what you're saying is that the articles by the other writers were not good enough? What's the criteria to make the list? A by-line with your name? Way to go...