Saturday, December 16, 2006


This update focuses on government. In this season of giving, government continues to take our money and freedom. Government regulations lead to many unnecessary deaths.

Lew Rockwell explains how government mismanages health care.
Walter Block explains how government regulations can kill you.
Stefan Molyneux shows that government actions are enforced by violence.
Walter Williams writes that the Founding Fathers distrusted government.
Ron Paul explains that a draft would be immoral and unwise.
James Ostrowski explains that the minimum wage hurts the poor.
Ron Paul explains that entitlement programs are heading for disaster.
James Berlau explains that the "fairness doctrine" is an attack on free speech.
Ron Paul explains that taxes take away our freedom and hurt the economy.
Ron Paul explains that spending cuts should precede tax changes.
Gary Wolfram explains why most issues cannot be decided democratically.
Ron Paul explains how government robs the Social Security system.
Phyllis Schlafly shows how government violates the Constitution.
Phyllis Schlafly explains how "domestic violence" laws damage families.

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