Friday, August 11, 2006

Some thoughts I had

OK, I've had enough of some of my fellow Americans. One thing I keep hearing is all these terrorist threats and actions are simply them getting back at us for the Iraq situation and because of that, we need to leave. I simply can't stand anyone who thinks like this.
To think we spurred this streak of attacks is rediculous. We weren't in Iraq when the Cole was hit. We weren't in Iraq when the towers were destroyed. To say Iraq is the reason we're getting attacked is a joke. Anyone who believes that is simply giving into the idea our enemy wants us to give in to.
I think the problem is too many people in my generation have forgotten WWII. The case there was we had an evil person in charge of Germany. He was committing evil acts. Some great men and women went over there to stop this evil. They did this, risking their lives so their children, nieces, and nephews could have a life free of this evil.
But evil didn't end there. Now it has come up in the Middle East. And like the generation of WWII, we cannot ignore it. We cannot let it go on as it tries to destroy our way of life. We cannot let it tear apart a great country like Israel. We must stop it.
Iraq was a first step. Now we need to keep going. Hezbollah is attacking Israel and they are backed by Iran and Syria (and therefore, Russia as well. Russia has entered into defense agreements with Iran and Syria). Much like as the Nazi party rose up in Germany and attacked our friends in Poland, these terror groups are trying to spread their radical ideas across the lands and destroy the Jews.
But my generation seems to be unable to do anything but whine. They're complaining about the cost of the Iraqi war. They're crying about tougher security at airports making it harder for them to board their planes. They're throwing a fit whenever the idea of racial profiling comes up for finding these terrorists. We have such a "ME ME ME!" mentality that is causing us nothing but problems.
We have an ally under attack. One that has been nothing but helpful to us (take a lesson from them France and learn how a true ally acts). But we're sitting over here in our comfy chairs doing nothing to help them and asking "How will this effect my life? How much is it going to cost? Could I get drafted?" How selfish! While we have friends being attacked, we refuse to jump in out of fear of getting our hands dirty.
I'm ashamed of my generation. They've forgotten the lesson that was passed to us by the WWII generation. That lesson is that it's not about us. It's about the future. It's about giving those who come after us the chance to live without the fears and evils we face today. It's about time we remembered that lesson and stepped up to the plate. But instead we worry about instigating a fight and possibly getting hit in that fight.
Right now I'm so thankful that we went into Iraq like we did. The Israelis are having a hard enough time fighting the will of Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and Russia. It would only be worse if Saddam threw his weight in there too. Our ally is seeing the benefits of a Saddam-free world right now. Yet we continue to have people here sitting around complaining about how much it cost, about how we've lost so many troops, about how Bush "lied." They're so ungrateful for the evil that was defeated in that country. Take Cindy Sheehan for example. Her son died fighting this evil. Yet all she can do is complain about the work her son did. Just completely unacceptable. But a good look at the mentality of many Americans. They don't see a direct benefit in their lives right now. So to them, it must have been a bad war.
We cannot forget that these people are coming after us too. They mean to destroy us and our friends in Israel. We cannot just sit in our chairs doing nothing because we're afraid to provoke an attack. That is the most cowardly thing I've ever heard!
I'm reminded of a quote that came out of WWII. I don't know exactly how it goes, but it's something along the lines of "When they came after the Jews I did nothing because I was not a Jew. Then when they came after the Catholics, I did nothing because I was not a Catholic. Then when they came after the protestants, I saw there was no one left to stand with me." They're coming after Israel. We must stand with them so there's someone to stand with us the next time they're coming for our shores.
We may have not picked this fight, but it picked us. We cannot ignore that. We must rally together, rally behind our troops, and win this fight. Not for us. Not for our pocketbooks. But for the future of this country. God bless America, and God bless Israel.


Conservative First said...

There has been plenty of concern, and quite justifiably, about Iran's nuclear program. It has also been noted, though less often, that Iran is obtaining its nuclear materials from Iran. The cruical question that is not being asked is why Russia is doing this? Given the very real dangers that this poses to Russia, is it unreasonable to wonder if Russia is hoping that an Iranian bomb finds its way to the United States?

Anonymous said...

We may not have been in Iraq when the Cole was attacked, however we have been involved in the middle east ever since we gave 95% of what was Palestein(sp?) and gave it to Israel.

Not trying to say that our involvment justify's us being attacked especially not our civilians. But you must question why everyone int he middle east seems to have it out for Israel

Dan Roth said...

What was Palestine was Israel even before that. So the question of who really owns that land is something that could be debated for quite some time. While I'm not a history expert, I would say through what I have studied, the land in my opinion it should be Israel.

And to the question of why everyone in the MIddle East has it Out for Israel, why did Hitler have it out for the Jews as well? We can argue and debate that question until we're all blue in the face. But it doesn't change what's happening over there right now. And more innocent Israelis will be killed if we spend our time trying to figure out the psyhcology of people who blow themselves up on buses instead of actually taking action.

Anonymous said...

Well exactly why does/did every surrounding country, Hitler, Henry Ford, many popes throughout history, and even rulers in the old testement have problems with the jews? My point is that the Jewish people may not be innocent bistanders under constant attack that just doesn't happen.

As for Innocent Israeli's being killed over there that is inaccurate. Far more Lebonese civilians have been killed, since Israel is targetting civilian bridges, and apartment complexes.

Just because people feel bad about the Holocaust shouldn't mean that we give Israel a blank check to do whatever they want for the rest of history.