Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Democratic Slate

The Democrats held their state convention on Saturday and Sunday in Detroit. (They must have all skipped church to be there.)

Former judge Scot Bowen had been the establishment Democratic candidate until recently. However, many Democrats objected to the fact that he is pro-life. Many also wanted a black candidate; hence they nominated Detroit attorney Amos Williams. Kwame Kilpatrick may have recruited Williams to undermine the candidacy of Mary Waters for Secretary of State. Bowen clearly appeared to be the stronger candidate, so I suspect that Mike Cox is relieved today.

I can't help wonder what Alexander Lipsey thinks today. He is a black State Rep. from Kalamazoo who ran for Attorney General, only to be forced out of the race by Granholm in favor of Bowen.

Black State Rep. Mary Waters of Detroit was the presumptive candidate for Secretary of State. But Kilpatrick opposed her because she supported his opponent for mayor last year. Also, many Democrats objected to the fact that Democrats always nominate a black candidate for Secretary of State, and not something more important (every election since 1970, what a coincidence). This time around, they nominated white Carmella Sarbaugh, the Macomb County Clerk.

Sarbaugh is a more credible candidate than Waters would have been, but Terri Lynn Land should still prevail.

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Anonymous said...

They make it way too easy to make an Ann Coulter/ Godless joke when they have their convention on a Sunday. Also did you hear about how they had someone falsify credentials and sneak into our convention?? Saul mentioned it in his blog today.