Thursday, August 17, 2006

Michigan by the numbers

An article in the Detroit News provides a polling snapshot of the major statewide races in Michigan.

Governor Gov. Jennifer Granholm 50% Dick DeVos 47%
U.S. Senate Michael Bouchard 42% Debbie Stabenow 54%
Affirmative action ban Yes 47% No 47%
Guarantee school funding Yes 67% No 32%
Restrict state spending Yes 49% No 39%
Dove hunting Yes 35% No 61%
The gubernatorial race remains very tight.

As I say below, Michael Bouchard is starting in a decent position in his bid to unseat Debbie Stabenow.

The MCRI faces a difficult fight between now and November.

The K-16 initiative leads for now, but its numbers will plummet as almost every politician in the state comes out against it and the chamber of commerce spends big to defeat it.

The SOS/TABOR measure also faces a tough fight.

The success or failure of the dove hunting measure will probably turn on whether people see it as about doves or about hunting.

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Dan Roth said...

I heard something interesting about the MCRI on WJR in Detroit today. Apparently groups like BAMN are saying it shouldn't be on the November ballot anyways. It sounds like what they basically said about the issue was that any black people who signed the petition were too stupid to have known what they were REALLY signing. Lamest thing I've heard. But why are these people so against letting the people decide? Why are they so against democracy take its course.