Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bouchard closing in

Michigan's U. S. Senate race is tightening quickly. Until now, the race hasn't gotten a lot of attention, as the Republicans focused on a low-key primary in which they had virtually the same positions on every issue. Hence not much attention has been paid to Senator Stabenow's record.

That will change. Mike Bouchard is now free to go after Debbie Stabenow. Once Michiganders hear about her incompetence and doctrinaire liberalism, her support will drop further. One vote that should be used much more is her vote to give social security to illegal immigrants.

Robert Novak reports:

Michigan: Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard (R) polls 44 to 48 against Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) in a new independent poll. The results come a week after the primary election in which Bouchard easily defeated his opponent and after a few ads that boosted his name identification.

This result, coming so early, means a rough road ahead for Stabenow. It confirms our belief that this race, given little attention by most, will be one of the closest and one of the GOP's best pickup chances for 2006. Leaning Democratic Retention.
This just illustrates the folly of trusting poll results before the campaign has been run. Ironically, Stabenow may end up being a casualty of Governor Granholm.

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