Saturday, August 12, 2006

POLITICAL UPDATE--Security and Prosperity Partnership

This update focuses on the SPP. This story continues to develop and grow.

Phyllis Schlafly summarizes the history of the SPP.
Jerome Corsi debates John Hawkins about the facts of the SPP.
Corsi explains the role of Robert Pastor in creating the SPP.
Kelly Taylor reveals that the Trans-Texas Corridor will be part of a NAFTA super-highway.
Corsi reveals that China will run Mexican ports through Hutchison Whampoa.
Corsi shows how China benefits from the SPP.
Schlafly reveals that Mexico will run a port in Kansas City.
James Plummer explains how the SPP could lead to a national ID card.
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) is questioning the SPP.

More about the SPP can be found here.

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