Thursday, February 23, 2006

What an event!

Wow! Everything came together great! The event was just about perfect. Ashley particularly deserves credit for all her hard work in bringing Ann Coulter to campus. What follows are some of my observations, feel free to add a comment on anything else related to the event.

There were more than 2000 people in that room: 1400 seated, and hundreds standing and sitting. I heard that about a thousand had to be turned away. The line ran down the hall, down the far stairs, and down the hall on the first floor.

The speech was great. Coulter is great at the one-liners, and she really demolished the left. I'm not sure what my favorite joke was (any thoughts?) The best substantive fact of the speech was that after Marxism Congressman Ron Dellums said that he wanted to demolish all our intelligence agencies, the house democrats elected him chairman of the armed services committee. Who says liberals aren't traitors?

The low point for me was when Coulter strayed a little to close to neoconservatism. Saying that we can impose a revolution is highly problematic.

The audience was very respectful. I was surprised. The security worked out very well. The metal detectors were a pain (for the people who had to go through them), but they were worth it. Putting on a show of force was very effective.

The question-and answer session was fun. A number of conservatives asked questions. The liberal questions were laughable. It's really pathetic that this was the best they could do. Derek Moss was a hero for asking college republicans in the military to stand up.

Overall, what an event! I'm still running on a Coulter buzz the next day.

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Dan Roth said...

I think we're all still on that "Coulter buzz" today. Great event indeed.