Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trouble in Texas

The Gazette has a good article about the conflict in Texas Township. Supervisor Dave Healy has had conflicts with the rest of the township board and the township staff for several years.

Texas Township election focusing on conflict over supervisor position

The conflict seems to be based on personality, not ideology. Earlier this year, the board created a township administrator position to manage the township and reduced the Supervisor to part-time status, along with mostly eliminating his salary. Now there are slates of candidates supporting the board and Healy. The Gazette doesn't make it clear who they are, so this blog will.

Board slate:
Supervisor: Greg Pendowski
Clerk: Linda Kerr
Treasurer: Paul Cutting
Trustees: Steven Bosch, Donald Boven, Erin Hoogendyk, Joyce Neubauer

Healy slate:
Supervisor: Dave Healy
Clerk: Tracy Kinney
Treasurer: none
Trustees: Wendy Mazer, Trish Roberts, Tim Rogowski, Jeffrey VanderRoest

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