Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Office of Sustainability to Replace University Bookstore

Last year, Western bought the privately owned University Bookstore, ending competition with its WMU Bookstore. Now Western will close the store and replace it with the burgeoning bureaucracy of its "Office of Sustainability".

University Bookstore to undergo $300,000 renovations; WMU officials envision 'deep green building'
WMU's University Bookstore closing to make way for Office of Sustainability; 75% discount clearance sale under way

"Sustainability" is the latest Trojan horse of the environmental movement. Whatever it is, it seems to involve spending tons of money.

Back in 2010, the students approved an $8 per semester fee to fund "sustainability" initiatives. This was in addition to the $21 student activities fee.

The article states that the renovated building is only a temporary predecessor to a "Deep Green Building" with a "significant budget".

If anyone wonders why tuition keeps increasing above the rate of inflation, this is part of the reason.

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