Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama Lied, Mexicans Died

Ann Coulter absolutly nails the "Gunwalker"/"Fast and Furious" scandal in her latest column. Read the whole thing.


To reiterate and expand on a few points...

This is a huge scandal. Watergate is traditionally seen as the BIGGEST SCANDAL EVER, but how many people died in Watergate? None. Nobody was injured, no money was stolen. It is known that FDR and JFK both spied on their political opponents, but Nixon will be forever damned for it. Hundreds of people died in Gunwalker.

This was not a "botched" law-enforcement operation. The agents on the ground knew that sending guns to Mexican drug dealers had no legitimate purpose. They repeatedly protested to their superiors, but were overruled.

Ann points out the campaign by administration officials and the left to claim that 90% of guns used in Mexican shootings came from the US. This was easily debunked by many conservative sources at the time, but they kept repeating it. The whole point of this argument was to argue for restricting Americans' gun rights.

The only explanation that makes sense is that the guns were shipped to Mexico to provide evidence to back up the administration's support for gun control. It would seem that gun control continued to poll terribly, so the administration never launched a public campaign for it. The "90%" talking point disappeared from the media.

Even so, democrats in Congress argue that the larger issue here is that too many guns are going to Mexico, so we need gun control. That's like arguing that the larger issue in Watergate was the shockingly high burglary rate in Washington. No, the issue is that the administration was committing the crimes.

The House of Representatives just voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt for his refusal to turn over documents relating to his involvement in the scandal. A handful of pro-gun democrats supported the resolution. (No thanks go to the 19 senate Republicans who voted to confirm Holder, when it was perfectly clear what kind of crook he would be.)

At this point the biggest question remaining is whether President Obama was involved in the execution of this scandal, or only in the coverup. His claim of executive privilege would argue that he was, while the ham-handed way it was carried out would argue that only Holder was to blame.

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