Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upton Smears Jack (Part 2)

Congressman Fred Upton sent out a second mailer smearing Jack Hoogendyk. The second mailer basically repeat the claims of the first one.

One side contrasts two quotes from Jack, the first of which says "I have never voted for a tax increase and never will." The context of the quote is referring to Jack's six years in the legislature, and is true. The second refers to Jack supporting a small tax increase (which was approved by taxpayers) to pay for a new juvenile home while Jack was on the county commission. Context is key.

The other side repeats the same four misleading claims as the first mailing.

The mailer concludes with the line "He will say anything to get elected."

Actually, it appears that Upton will say anything. Rather than defend his own record, it appears that Upton's strategy is to bury Jack in mud. Enough voters won't be able to distinguish between the truth that Upton is a big spender and Upton's false claims that Jack has done the same thing.

This strategy depends on being able to outspend Jack thanks to raising big money from big businesses eager to have a friend as the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. If Club for Growth and other conservative groups spend money on this race, though, Upton's strategy may not work this time.

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