Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gun Bills in Michigan

A couple bills to expand gun rights have been introduced in Lansing.

Michigan House Judiciary Committee to Consider Repeal of Handgun Permit-to-Purchase and Registration

One bill, introduced by Paul Opsommer, would finally end Michigan's handgun registration. This is long overdue, as only six states require any form of gun registration, and the other five are all more liberal than Michigan. See the map below.

Gun Registration by State Map

The other bill, introduced by Mike Green, would reform Michigan's concealed carry law.

Sweeping changes proposed for Michigan concealed handgun law

Here is a list of the changes, along with my comments.


The proposed overhaul of Michigan’s concealed weapons law would:
• Establish a “shall issue” exemption allowing highly trained permit holders to carry guns in pistol-free zones. An extra nine hours of training and 162 more rounds fired at the range would be required beyond current basic requirements. [There shouldn't be any 'two-tiered' system. Just eliminate the ban without any extra requirements.]
• Require firing-range time for basic applicants include 98 rounds, as opposed to 30 now. [More regulation. Bad.]
• Eliminate county gun boards, now comprised of state police, sheriffs, clerks and prosecutors or firearms instructors. [Good. Gun boards are a useless holdover from the 'may issue' days.]
• Shift permit approvals to sheriffs, whose departments already handle background checks. County clerks would still process applications. [Good. This is the best place for permits, as long as government continues to mandate them.]
• Require licenses be approved within 45 days or a temporary license must be issued. [Good.]
• Counties could no longer charge extra money beyond the $105 application fee for taking photos, laminating, and other add-ons. [Good.]
• Applicants who unsuccessfully appeal a denial in court would no longer be forced to pay the county’s court and attorney costs. [Good?]
• Courts could award increased financial penalties to those who successfully appeal. [Good.]
• Renewal notices must be sent three to six months before expiration, to avoid unintentional lapses. [Good.]


This seems to be a mostly good bill, which hopefully can be improved.

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