Monday, March 12, 2012

Jack's Response to Upton Mailer

Jack Hoogendyk has sent a response to the Upton mailing that I deconstructed here.


Fellow Patriots,

I am sure by now you received that beautiful mailer from Congressman Fred Upton with my handsome face all over it. While I appreciate him mentioning my name nine times in his mailer, I must point out that he offered some mis-characterizations and outright falsehoods in his mailer.

He mentions that I voted for a “billion dollar stimulus.” He is talking about the 21st Century Jobs Fund. The only problem is, I voted against that package. I even submitted for the record a statement that said we should give immediate tax relief to working families and businesses, not give the money to an appointed board to decide where to spend it.

He says I gave special tax breaks to Hollywood fat cats. What he is talking about is tax breaks to bring the film industry to Michigan and create jobs for thousands of people. An Ernst & Young audit showed that the $85 million in tax cuts in 2010 produced $500 million in new economic activity and over 3,800 new jobs!

He says I voted six times for revenue enhancements. Yes, I voted to withhold income tax from the Detroit casino winnings of non-residents who come to Michigan. Michigan residents pay taxes on their casino winnings, why shouldn’t non-residents?

He says I voted for higher taxes on gasoline. I actually voted to extend a tax on gas at a lower rate of ¾ of one cent per gallon to pay for environmental cleanup of leaky underground tanks. Is Mr. Upton opposed to environmental cleanup?

One thing is obvious, five months from Election Day. Mr. Upton is worried about me. He is already attacking my well-known conservative record. But, try as he may, he cannot disparage my record in Lansing of over 70 votes against tax increases on the individuals and businesses of Michigan and 300 plus votes for tax relief and tax reductions.

I hope Mr. Upton will be willing to have face-to-face debates soon so we can honestly discuss the issues that really matter to Michigan voters; the massive size of government, the unbridled power of Congress and the unchecked spending of your tax dollars in Washington.

I need your help to build a winning campaign and expose the truth about Fred Upton and his 25 years of voting for big government, big spending and taxes. He can’t remake his own record, so he is going to spend his campaign war chest to try to pull me into the mud. I will not let this happen. My conservative record is part of my DNA. Please make a contribution to support my campaign today and make sure we can run a winning campaign on the issues and the truth. Please go to and make your contribution now. Thank you.

Jack Hoogendyk

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