Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hutaree Militia Largely Exonerated

The "Hutaree militia" was largely exonerated this week after the judge in the case threw out all the conspiracy and terrorism charges against the group. Two members of the group subsequently pled guilty to some weapons charges.

Hutaree leader pleads guilty to weapons charge, calls himself 'patriot'

The case came down to the government trying to entrap the group with audio recordings. The group never hurt anyone, or tried to hurt anyone, or planned to hurt anyone. The jury agreed with the judges' assessment on this.

I suspected as much. Here's what I said in an earlier post.



It appears that the plot of the so-called 'Christian militia' group that is alleged to have plotted to kill police officers was more-or-less created by the government. It is far from clear that anything would have ever happened if the government hadn't provoked them into (allegedly) committing a crime.

Feds infiltrated militia group

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