Sunday, September 23, 2007

Politics Roundup

Several items from the world of politics.

The Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference was held the weekend on Mackinac Island. Several Republican bloggers have reports on the convention. See the blogroll at right for links to their blogs.

State Representative Jack Hoogendyk has proposed changing the formula for funding higher education. Diether Haenicke generally likes the proposal. The most important point to take from this issue is that government funding is politicized. Universities like Wayne State and Michigan Tech get so much more because they were in or near the districts of powerful legislators. The budget process begins with last year's budget, so the differences last forever. This is yet another reason not to trust government to provide for your needs.

Recent controversy has surrounded the case of the "Jena 6", the thugs who beat a kid until he was unconscious. Now, the "civil rights" movement is having marches, including a rally at Western... on behalf of the attackers. How exactly does defending criminals benefit anyone? The facts of the case are reported in this article.

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