Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Notes from the Chairman

Our September 11 Memorial was a huge success! All throughout the day members of the campus community stopped and expressed how happy and thankful they were that we took the time to help everyone remember and honor those who lost their lives. Local news crews stopped by and took pictures/video of our memorial. We made the front page of the campus newspaper.

"The College Republicans of WMU honored the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a display of 2997 flags, each representing a life lost in the attacks of that day. 'We've gotten a really good response from the students and faculty,' said senior Megan Buwalda, chairman of the College Republicans. She said President John Dunn, along with other students and faculty had stopped by."

Group members Andrew Hooley and Kelly MacDonell at the CR Table

The flags were assembled in the shape of the two world trade towers.

Thank you's are in order to: the members of the WMU College Republicans, the MFCRs-- specifically Justin Zatkoff, Young America's Foundation, the staff of the Bernhard Center, and most importantly to the WMU Department of Public Safety Parking Services for letting me talk my way out of 4 parking tickets throughout the course of the day.

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