Saturday, September 08, 2007


This update focuses on government. Government spending continues to bleed the taxpayers. Regulations take away freedom. Government performs many tasks poorly.

Ron Paul: Aging Infrastructure
Don Devine: Caesar or God: Who Is Dead?
Ron Paul: High Risk Spending
Mac Johnson: The NSA Can’t Invade Our Privacy -- It’s Under IRS Occupation Already
Thomas Sowell: A Bridge Too Far Gone
Ron Paul: As Recess Begins, Spending Spree Continues
Terry Jeffrey: D.C.'s Assault on the Second Amendment
Lynn Woolley: The Un-Fairness Doctrine
JD Foster: Medicare: $3.8 Trillion Worse
Ron Paul: Earmark Victory May Be A Hollow One
Tim Carney: Administration Poised to Subsidize China’s Nuclear Industry
Walter Williams: FDA: Friend or Foe?

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