Monday, May 15, 2006

Politics News

1. Computers can be so frustrating, you'd think for sure that they are made by the government. I've been without internet access for several days.

2. A State House committee passed Jack Hoogendyk's official English bill without opposition. I loved this part of the story:

"Hoogendyk opened his testimony today with a bit of a skit in which he was asked by Committee Chair Leon DROLET (R-Clinton Twp.) to explain the bill, and responded in Dutch. After Hoogendyk said his piece in Dutch, Rep. Bob GOSSELIN (R-Troy) complained to Drolet that he couldn't understand.

"I guess that makes my point," Hoogendyk responded. "My parents came to the United States in 1949 from the Netherlands. They made the decision to learn English. They thought it was imperative. I believe that by establishing English as the official language, this legislation promotes unity." "

3. A State Senate committee will vote tomorrow on a stand your ground bill.

4. Western has announced a decision to slash graduate programs. This is apparently a complete surprise. There are several articles in the Western Herald but they don't appear to be online. I wonder if this has anything to do with the grad student unionization?

5. The governor's race is still essentially tied, but now DeVos has a one-point lead over Granholm.

6. The State Supreme Court will decide whether people can be required to show id before voting. Of course, Democrats are for voter fraud and Republicans are against it. Republican Michigander asks if showing id violates our right to vote, does showing id to buy a gun violate the Second Amendment?

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