Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Club for Growth

In the midst of discouraging news out of Washington, it's worth noting that conservatives have been winning some important primary elections across the country. One group in particular stands out as deserving praise--the Club for Growth.

The Club is a group that advocates limited government and economic freedom. Their strategy is to research races and make endorsements. Then, their members all over the country can choose which candidates they want to contribute to. The members send the checks to the Club, which forwards them to the candidates.

This is the most effective way to contribute to political candidates. People can pool their money and hence their influence. Candidates know why people are contributing money, so it is easier to hold them accountable.

Often, what good conservative candidates need to win is enough money to stand out from the crowd. That's what the Club gives them. It has racked up a 7-1 winning record in primaries this year. Here's an excerpt from a profile of the group in the Washington Post:

" May seems to be the Club For Growth's month.

The Washington, D.C.-based political organization, which is dedicated to supporting laissez faire capitalism, has scored a slew of GOP primary victories so far this month. It began in Ohio on May 2 where the group backed state Sen. Jim Jordan in the open 4th District House race and Secretary of State Ken Blackwell in the governor's race.

A week later, state Sen. Adrian Smith -- the Club-endorsed candidate -- won a crowded Republican primary in the western Nebraska 3rd District. On May 16, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey and the club's Pennsylvania chapter helped organize conservatives to vote against GOP state legislators who had approved a pay raise for themselves. Seventeen legislators members wound up losing their primary races, 13 of whom were Republicans.

Then, last night, another Club-backed candidate, state Rep. Bill Sali, won a six-way GOP primary to claim the nomination in Idaho's 1st District."

The one race that they didn't win was a House seat in Minnesota in which the nominee, Michelle Bachmann, seems even more conservative than the candidate they endorsed.

Let's hope that candidates endorsed by the Club for Growth win many more races this year.


Anonymous said...

CFG is a facist organization. Their attacks on Schwarz has caused many of their clients to jump ship for their dispicable website. This group even sided with in fighting 527 reform. They don't represent the GOP any more than the KKK does. Do your research on the candidates they support, more importanly, do your research on the people they oppose. They are radical fringe element and a loose cannon at best.

Anonymous said...

Obvious from the above post that the Club is drawing blood on left-wing "Republican" Joe Schwarz, who's so out of touch with his district's values that he joined Democrats Jennifer Granholm and David Bonior in signing a fundraising letter for the Triangle Foundation, a militant homosexual activist group based in Detroit. He's also endorsed by PACs that support abortion on demand without limitations. Club's win percentage is gonna go up another notch after Michigan's August 8 primary.

Anonymous said...

Club for Growth is buying elections outright with out of state cash. If you look at the FEC records of Club for Growth candidates, nearly all (if not all) of their donations are from out of their district, and more likely from out of their state. Clearly, if the candidates had the support in their district, they wouldn't need the checks from Florida and New York.

Anonymous said...

American citizens in Florida and New York as also affected by how a Michigan congressman votes.

Given the monumental money advantage incumbent congressmen have, the Club only levels the financial playing field. How much electoral support a candidate has in his district will be determined on election day, not before.

Anonymous said...

"Given the monumental money advantage incumbent congressmen have, the Club only levels the financial playing field."

You've got to be kidding! Incumbency does not come with a special treasure chest. The "Club for Growth" is primarly fat-cat do-nothings from all around the country who don't have anything better to do than throw thier money around and care little about the needs of our District. Walberg has had little success rasing cash in the district.

Schwarz is in touch with this district and that's where the majority of his funds come from, as it should be.

I'll take Schwarz over any franchise candidate anyday.